Michael Clement

michael clementMeet Michael Clement, your behavioral and personality expression expert.

“My personal goal in life is to help people make decisions that are right for them.” — Michael Clement

A powerful combination of behavioral science training along with experience in business, sales, and counseling make Michael one of the best possible choices for a coach, consultant, or mentor. A founder and leader of multiple organizations, Michael is given to insights around dimensions of behavior that affect personal and professional decision making. He understands what drives people.

Michael’s background includes working in the labor sector as well as within small business. He has been involved in the founding and building of non-profit organizations and has held management positions in multi-million dollar companies. In the 90′s he built a successful marriage and family counseling practice, and additionally is a successful father of six children 17 through 30 years of age.

Michael’s impressive qualifications include certification in marriage and family counseling, DiSC® Personality Profile assessment and pastoral training. He has more than 30 years experience helping organizations succeed.

A direct quote from the DiSC® Personal Profile: “Michael tends to be a driven innovator whose ability to initiate and design change can greatly increase any organization’s odds of success.”

Just one conversation with Michael Clement and you will believe that it is possible to be more effective in life! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/livingrightforyourtype