I offer Training, Coaching, and Consulting in person, by phone and on skype.

As a certified Everything DiSC® Trainer — I use award-winning DiSC® tools and programs — from Inscape Publishing Inc. to encourage people to discover what drives them and the world around them.


After you have taken a DiSC® assessment and received your profile report, I strongly advise that you go through a one time 90 minute feedback session with me, this can be done in person, by phone, or on Skype.
Cost: $60.00

Businesses and Organizations please note the following:

Every situation is unique and requires a unique plan. A non-refundable prep fee will be assessed and charged for creating a plan before any on-site consulting begins. On-site consulting rates are assessed on a sliding scale ranging from $37.00 – $155.00 per man hour depending on the level of Business or organizational support needed. Lodging, Travel, and material cost are all additional. Corporate plans and invoices are created and billed separately. In some most cases a 30% deposit may be required.

Thank you for considering our services.
Michael Clement